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Atmos Energy Brand Positioning Guidelines


The objective of the Atmos Energy brand is to create a unified strategy for all Atmos Energy communications which proactively build a basis for employees, customers and significant stakeholders to see, hear and remember positive attributes about the company, its product and services. The brand drives what people think, and how they feel, about Atmos Energy – our linkage to them.

Brand Position

Simply, "Responsible Energy." This is a summary of Atmos Energy attributes that make us unique and excellent. "Responsible Energy" is NOT the company tag-line or public identifier.

Brand Promise

Atmos Energy is responsible for providing natural gas safely and reliably; delivering excellent customer service and enhancing the quality of life for our customers and communities – making natural gas from Atmos Energy the responsible choice.

Company Name

It is unacceptable to use the word "Atmos" without the word "Energy," both in graphics and written text.

When writing "Atmos Energy", capitalize the "A" in Atmos and the "E" in energy so it reads: "Atmos Energy." The word "Atmos" should never be written in all capital letters. (This mistake often occurs due to the depiction of the company name on our corporate logo.)

The company should never be referred to as just "Atmos."

Communications Tactics

There are four areas of concentration for proactive communications:

  • Safety & Reliability – These are coupled so there is always a positive message.
  • Customer Service – Stressing the individual service provided.
  • Product – Gas value messaging, including 'green' /environmental benefits, comfort, convenience, efficiency and a domestic fuel
  • Community Involvement – Highlights employee and company support of communities.

Natural Gas will always be spotlighted as the product Atmos Energy provides.

Practitioners will use only approved, ‘on-brand’ advertisements contained in the library.


The copy targets specific audiences - including customers, potential customers, community leaders, trade allies, associations, and the like. Messaging aimed at these targets will fall within the four categories of communications (see Responsible Energy Brand Statements.


The Blue Sky advertising campaign is the most visible way to communicate the Responsible Energy brand positioning. Over time the Blue Sky campaign may be replaced, however, the Responsible Energy brand for Atmos Energy is a long term philosophy to position how we want our customers to think of Atmos Energy.

Corporate Identifier

The phrase, "Your Natural Gas Company" is used at the discretion of Corporate Communications under the logo when the logo appears alone without copy to identify that Atmos Energy provides natural gas.