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Radio/TV Ads

To request a radio/TV ad, please e-mail your request to Corporate Communications at support@atmosenergybrand.com.

Print Ads

The "Blue Sky" advertising campaign is the most visible way to communicate Atmos Energy's "Responsible Energy" brand positioning. This campaign is comprised of the ads below (with the exception of Atmos Energy Holdings). For additional information and graphic standards visit, The Blue Sky Campaign Style Guidelines under Brand Guidelines and Resources. Development of new ads must be approved by Corporate Communications.

Request an Ad

To request an ad from Atmos Energy Corporate Communications, select one of 4 key focus areas:

  • Community Involvement – Highlights employee and company support of communities.
  • Customer Service – Stressing the individual service provided.
  • Product – Gas value messaging, including environmental and other/traditional benefits.
  • Safety & Reliability – Safety & reliability are coupled so there is always a positive message.

When requesting an ad, think about the publication/event and it's audience. Request an ad that best matches the message you want to communicate to the target audience. From the ads shown, click on the link next to an ad and fill out the request form as completely as you can. Ads that less than 1/2 page in size may not contain body copy, but headline only.

If you are in need of an ad smaller than 3" x 2", please use the request form for the "Your Natural Gas Company" logo.